Our Firm

CP Capital is a financial services firm serving clients worldwide with access to innovative financial solutions and commitment to excellence. As a fully service broker-dealer and investment adviser, we offer a full complement of wealth management and capital markets services to private clients and institutional clients.

Independent Thought

At CP Capital, independence, innovation and integrity are the foundations of our success. Since 1984 to the present, CP Capital has remained an independently-owned firm. We provide our clients with unique products and exceptional personalized service. Our pursuit of innovative approaches distinguishes us as one of a kind. Independence allows our experienced and knowledgeable team of investment advisers, investment bankers, dedicated institutional sales people and top-rated research analysts to do what they do best – provide objective, unbiased advice that is tailored to our clients’ needs.


A cornerstone of the CP Capital tradition is our commitment to service. We offer customized portfolio management and investment services to private clients and institutional investors, financial advisory and investment banking services to early stage through mid-cap companies. Whether the relationship is between investor and advisor, high net worth individual and portfolio manager, start-up company and venture capitalist, or mid-cap growth company and equity financier, we’re in it for the long term.

We build relationships that last.